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SignWonder Racing Team

Justin Robert L14 (Quad rider Q2 Class)

Justin has always been active in various sports such as Mountain biking and cycling. He has done numerous downhill and Mountain bike as well as some 94.7 Cycle challenges. After buying his first Suzuki LTZ400 Quad four years ago and entering a Fun Off-Road event and coming 2nd in the senior class, he was “hooked”. He progressed onto a Suzuki LTR450 quad in 2012 and raced the GOC series winning the Q2 class. In 2013 he entered the National series and won the Q2 class and 14th overall. With his enthusiasm and fearless attitude and on his new Honda TRX450, Justin is looking forward to replicate his performance for 2014.

Chris Peters L45 (Quad Rider Q2 Class)

Chris bought a stock standard Honda TRX 400 quad in 2002 and competed in some MX and Enduro racing till 2004 when he decided to buy a Honda TRX 450 quad. He finished on the podium on a numerous occasions racing in MX Flat track, Oval day and night series as well as in some enduros. On top of this he also competed in some of the Freestyle events. During this time he raced under the Ricli Racing and Factory Racing teams. Due to work, medical and financial issues he basically retired for 2 years. In 2012 and racing under Team X Factor racing competed in the GOC series to regain his fitness. The following year Chris decided to join Team Sign Wonder racing and competed in the GOC, Regional and National Off-Road series. His results for 2013 – First in GOC Q2 class, Second in Regional Q2 class and third in National Q2 class. With his winning attitude, Chris is looking forward to another great season. In his spare time he enjoys Kayaking, white river rafting, fishing and diving.

Ramon Lopez L83 (Quad Rider Junior Class)

Ramon received a Honda TRX 450 quad from his parents for excelling academically. He decided to join his family and compete in the GOC Junior series and was always placed in the top 5 in his class. In his short 2 years racing career, he has gained extensive experience. In 2013, he received a 4th overall in the GOC Junior senior series. He also competed in some of the GOC series as in 2014 he will be riding in the GOC High School class. He is excited to compete and eager to finish on the podium in his class.

Damian Robert J674 (Quad Rider Junior Class)

Damian has been riding since he was 5 on a Big Boy 110cc quad. He quickly progress to a 2-stroke 100cc BSI quad where he raced the Dirt Bronco Flat Track serious in 2010 and 2011 winning all his races and winning the series. During 2012, Damian won all but one of his races, winning the GOC series outright. In 2013, his Dad (Justin) bought him a Honda TRX 300 quad and entered the GOC Junior series and the Platinum Junior series. In the GOC series he won most of his races and in the Platinum series he received a second for the season. As young as he is, and with his determination, he is bound to surprise everyone again this coming racing season.

Odette Robert CL674 (Quad Rider Woman’s Class)

Odette always supported her family by been the perfect Pit crew at all their races. She acquired her own Honda TRX 450 quad in 2010 and began riding the family adventure rides. In 2013 she entered a few of the GOC’s Woman’s class and came second in each race. For 2014 she will enter the full GOC’s series in the woman’s class as well as helping in the pits for the other team members for the Nationals and Regional races. In her spare time Odette keeps fit by jogging and gyming.

Pierre Joubert L447 (Quad Rider Junior Class)

I am 16 years old, I have been racing from when i was 4 years old. I won the little class championship twice. I started the Junior class on a blaster 200 for 3 years, raced a yz 85 2 wheeler for a year then came back to quads on a Trx300 for 2 years and won the championship once on the 300. Then I moved onto my Trx 450 and in my first year “Rookie year” i won the championship. From when i started racing i have raced Northern Regions and Platinum only started GOC a year ago. My other sport is, i have played Nw cricket, Nw hockey and i used to swim for the Nw. I gym 2-3 hours a day and do sport fitness 3 times a week. i am looking forward to the 2014 racing year riding with the big boys. Always go into a race with a positive attitude and I go out to do my best. I don’t stop until that checkered flag waves in front of me.

  • I have 4 championships to my name;
  • Not scared to push the bike to its limits;
  • No pain, No gain;
  • 1st finish before you can finish 1st.

Henri Robert C644 (Bike Rider Masters Class)

Henri started his racing career way back in 1984 doing MX in Natal. He progress doing the Club and National enduros racing against the likes of Alfie Cox and Russell White for many years achieving his best result in 1987 with 2nd in 200cc Class and 5th Overall. After not riding for more than 5 years, he was lured back after Justin his son started racing. In 2012, riding a Honda CRF250X and competing in the GOC series he achieved a 4th in the masters class. For 2014, he will do the occasional race and will share his knowledge and expertise to the team members acting as Pit Boss. Henri still keeps active by jogging and cycling competing in the Comrades marathon 6 times many cycling events such as the Amashova, The Argus and 94.7 Cycle Challenge.

Cherese Enslin C709 (Bike Rider Ladies Class)

Cherese Started riding an Ital Jet 50cc bike at the age of 6 progressing to various bikes to a KTM125 Enduro bike gaining valuable experience in the MX field. Cherese has done many fun rides and races achieving 2 times Ladies Class winner of the Bosveld Rally in 2009 and 2013. In her first year (2013) of competitive racing she won the Ladies class in the GOC Off-road series. She has attended a number of and is a keen contributor to “Women in Sport” days. In her spare time she keeps fit by playing in the Wolwe Bos Paintball League with her Husband Jovan. She has a 2013 KTM200 xcw.

Charles Lee L25 (Quad Rider Senior Class)

Charles has been racing for 5 years achieving some excellent results on his Suzuki LTR 450 Quad.

  • 2nd Quads Masters Reg. MX Championship;
  • 2nd Quads Masters Club MX Championship at Zeemans and Dirt Bronco Race Track;
  • 1st Quads Masters MX/Flat Track Night series at Dirt Bronco Race Track;
  • 1st Quads Masters Flat Track Championship at Dirt Bronco Race track;
  • 1st Quads Masters Flat Track Championship At Wild Things Race Track.


  • 1st Quads Masters Flat Track Championship at Dirt Bronco Race Track.


  • 2nd Quads Seniors GOC Enduro Off-Road series. He was sponsored by Batt Tyres and Water Rite Racing.


  • 5th Quads Seniors National Enduro Off-Road series. He was sponsored by Batt Tyres for 2013.

After a successful racing career he joins us with a wealth of experience and knowledge of the racing scene and wants to continue with his triumphant streak.

Jovan Enslin C806 (OR 3 Class)

Jovan has been riding bikes since he was 8 years and purchased his own dirt bike at 17 also participating in many fun rides and races. In 2008 he only started riding on a serious note. He is keen to test his new 2013 KTM 200 xcw in the GOC series. In his spare time, he participates in Wolwe-bos paintball league with his wife Cherise.

Llewellyn Myburgh C627 (Bike Rider OR 3 Class)

Although 2013 was his first year of riding Off-road fun rides on his bike Honda CRF 250R, he gained many years of experience racing Oval Track achieving exceptional results such as Club Championship several times, Regional Championship several times, 3rd in SA National and 2nd in world Championship. With his exceptional talent on bikes, he is looking forward to the challenges of Off-Road racing in the GOC and Regional Series.

Rudi Vieira C948 (Bike Rider OR 1 Class)

Rudi has been riding bikes since the age of 5. In 2009 and 2011 he entered some of the Enduro World races and GOC series respectively. As he enjoyed the challenges and gaining extensive experience in the enduro/off-road races, he is excited to ride under Team Sign Wonder in the GOC and regional events. Rudi has a new 2014 KTM 300 Six Days. In his spare time he enjoys keeping fit by riding mountain Bikes and surfing.